An annoying newbie that breaks the rules in attempt to annoy others. They usually do the following:

  • report MCSMeeps for no reason at all
  • ask what "MCSM" or "noob" means
  • be perverted
  • post spam e.g. "Copy and paste this onto 10 forums, drink 5 toad sodas, logout then login again and you will have 10,000 gifts, 100,000 rox, all the Moshi staff accounts and all of the Moshlings."
  • make useless forums that contain random letters that don't say anything
  • copy and paste keyboard art and say it's theirs
  • god-mod on role-plays
  • mix the real world with Moshi Monsters and their imagination.


Newest noobs there ever was, they try to act nice at first but are really horrible inside.


An old noob that is crazy and is usually considered one of the ultimate noobs. This type of noob is similar to RES's noobasaurus.


A female noob.